20 Jan 2012

Edmund Ohiole Photography ( photomediaplus.com )

pictures taken from www.photomediaplus.com  Copyright © 2011 Edmund Ohiole Photography. All rights reserved. www.photomediaplus.com

Jacket - New look , Leggings - Topshop , Boots - peacocks , Bag - H&M , Scarf - Camden market , Socks - Stolen from my dad ( loooool )

so a few days ago i went on a shopping trip with my friend , the plan was to westfields , portabello road , then come back to camden market , and on our way we went passed camden , where i was stopped by edmund who was taking pictures around the area , usually i never stop for street style pictures , not because i don't want to but when I'm alone i usually have headphones on , music up and the rest of the world shut out looool but since i was with a friend i did notice when he approached us and was very nice . he took a few shots of me and gave me hes card . 

i had a look at his work and its amazing , he has hes own style of photography and has a totally different angle in which he sees things . he's work is so great and the good thing is you can hire him for events , all i know is next time there's a major event happening and a photographer is needed , i know who to call ;) 

Contact : 


+Tel 0779-617-1429

do check out his website :) 

PS: am i the only one who don't wear make up when I'm out shopping ? usually i don't do it just in case i need to buy make up on a test it on my face but yeah loool 


16 Jan 2012

un bon changement de tĂȘte ou pas ?

 Top - H&M , Jeggings - Market , Lipstick - Mac - spice it up

 i was bored with the long wavy weave and wanted something different with my hair so i changed my hair style to something I've never tried before " an Afro " ermmm at first it was soo massive i thought i looked like the lion in narnia -_- and i had people on the street making wolf sounds when i walked past so i trimmed it and voila !!!!! 
i mean i look ok ( well at least i think i look ok but if i don't then i guess this too shall pass looool ) 

i also got eyelash extensions :D they don't look that bad , but i was a bit annoyed as i don't think the lady really understood what i meant by " i want a natural look " 

I'm sorry my outfits shots are so lazy these days , pistachio ( my camera ) and i are not on talking terms so we cant produce beautiful pictures , also I'm waiting for a new tripod as i accidental sat on my former tripod and it instantly died . 

what do you guys think of the new hair ?
good change ?


4 Jan 2012

first post of the new year

i would just like to start this post by saying Happy New year everyone , hope everyone started the year right and is going to make the most of it :) . also thank you everyone who viewed , commented and read my blog last year , whether it was constantly , or once , it means so much to me so a massive THANK YOU EVERYONE :D 

Hat - H&M (men), Sunglasses - Camden Market , Shirt - Stolen from my sister , Cardigan - Vintage , Bag - H&M 

so i wore this outfit today , this is the kind of outfit i love as i can just laze around in it eat loads and still stay warm , i also kept my make up so minimal . i don't think my mum liked it looooool she said i looked like a tramp and refused to take my blog pictures for me :/ . 
oh and i got the massive knitted cardie last winter in a vintage shop in liverpool , but its kind of too big for me ( kind of too big is an understatement looooool
so my mum ended up stealing it , and today i was king of the world coz i stole it back looooooool 
oh and i saw the most beautiful shoes and eat the most amazing pizza since my trip to Italy.
Ps: i know its winter , but am i the only one who wears sun glasses around January ? please someone out there let me know , i cant be the only one 

hope everyone had a great day 

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