30 Jun 2010

i'm only one person

OK i know I'm going to sound like such a hypocrite when i go on as I'm one of those people who always moan all day long how i cant do this and cant do that , but I've only just recently noticed how annoying it is and I'm trying so hard to stop now.
i know its not easy , we all go trough difficult times and we try to get right up and rise above it , but recently i was having a conversations with someone , let just call her person A . i was giving person A some ideas of what they can do after their exams to keep busy and maybe help them in terms of their future career , and for every idea i came up with , person A's response was " i cant do this so i asked person A what they wanted out of life and their response was " i don't know , i wish i could change the world , but I'm only one person" , at this point i felt like taking a brick and beating her up with it .

my point is , yes your only one person , yes the effect of one person maybe slow however in my opinion i really do thing one human being is so powerful beyond anything. i have no idea what has happened to our generation for us to think that one person does not have any significant power. i mean one person in your life may make you the happiest being alive . one person can completely impact your life in such a way that it may turn you into a monster or a better person . one person can have such presences to be able to make everyone at a party hit the dance floor and have fun . take Hitler , although what he did was oh so bad , however one person had such impact in causing so many nations into going to war . my point is we need to stop having the " i cant do this , I'm only one person" mentality , its not helping and its only limiting us from doing or being what we really want to do or be .
i for one , am going to try and stop thinking that way and if there is something i feel like doing , i will do it and not bother whether i can change the world or not , as if i am able to just touch one person then i would have accomplished my aim .

24 Jun 2010

short short short baby

i've taken out my extesions and cut my hair short , and i am currently enjoying the nice weather in short hair :D

and im also enjoying wearing red lipsticks with my short hair (i decided not to wear make up untill i finished my exams ) and so far i've broken this about 4 times , but lip products dont count thats why im taking full advantage of this. also my skin looks so much more healthier which means after my exams im only going to go as far as wearing tinted moisturiser if i really need some sort coverage .

i might still wear some hair extensions , but i'll just make clip ons, i have the clips , all i need are the extensions and the actuall making of :D

collection 2000 lipstick
volume sensation range
colour : 3 ruby red

this is my favourite red lippy , its from collection 2000 , i dont reall remember how much it was but it was defenitely under a fiver :) . the red is just perfect , exactly what i was looking for , and the actuall lipstick is really creamy and isnt drying at all . its also a lip plumping lipstick , but this doesnt affect me much as i dont think i need lip plumping products , however it always does make my lips look fuller and i totaly love the tingly effect when its on my lips
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