31 May 2011

the reward theory

Shoes- zara

so my exams are over ( hooooorayyyyyyyyy )  and I've had the worst weekend ever (booooooooo loooool ) anyways im over it and smiling like a potato smiley face :) 

if you're wondering about the title........well here is the story :
Since my GCSE's Ive developed a habit my friends call "madness" my mum calls "nonsense ( African accent" and i call "THE REWARD THEORY". the reward theory is basically when i finish an exam , an essay or any ooooh so difficult task , than i reward myself with something I've wanted for a while .
when i pass an exam i reward myself too , and when i fail...........well i reward myself too loooooool think of it as a "sorry you failed honey but better luck next time" pressie, and these rewards sure feels good :D

anyways I've been wanting these shoes for a while now and finally got these pretty babies.......oooh they are so cute and elegant i could just lick these beauties ( just kidding guys.......actually I'm not ) . they didn't come cheap and i can feel the breeze from the massive hole in my pocket ( metaphor for poverty guys loooool )

do you guys have your own version of the reward theory ? 

12 May 2011

simply lustrous

I'm over the moon , on cloud 15 over the rainbow and back on reality ground that my skin is getting back to normal  :) . the processes is quite slow but hey , its better than nothing . so i wore this make up look a some time ago ( like 2 weeks ago ) and this is the sort of make up i love , especially for warmer weathers time , no foundation , soft colours for eyes and cheeks , and soft but lustrous lips . very simple and nothing too complicated , i find that simple make up looks go well with my face . what do you guys think ? xoxo
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