24 Nov 2010

an other haul and i dash out

i didn't plan on buying anything today , but somehow i ended up in town in make up heaven ( awwwwwwwwwww ) so i managed to grab this  palette , i thought the colours were great and its not just eye shadows , but lips and cheeks too ( bonus ) .

i also got a lipgloss ( I'm so addicted to lip products ) and false eyelashes which i tried on and really liked :)

i do have two rimmel glosses similar to the one i got ( different flavours obviously ) and they taste sooo yum , i think ill do a tasty lipgloss post very soon
also these lashes are great as they are pre-glued and i always find it so hard to put on false eyelashes especially with the glue , things get too messy and sticky way too quickly looool 

here before i dash out , took some pictures of my look , unfortunately i didn't use my camera as i was being very lazy , i used photobooth instead and you cant tell but I've used my new w7 palette and i am wearing the lashes .

hope you dolls are having a great evening 

19 Nov 2010

off to uni i go !! ootd and 1 item haul

this post is being written from the library ( at least I'm using my laptop looool ) i have to apologise for the  bad quality pictures , i was in a hurry to get to uni that i just thought ill use photobooth quickly after all its bad quality but when time is concerned i guess it gets the work done fast :)

so this week has been such a crappy week for me , i had a massive issue with submitting an essay electronically and then only realised on the day that i had a test so no revision was done before hand , and I'm sort of glad that this week has come to an end ( i never have any lectures what so ever on Fridays so i start my weekend early looool yaaaay me !!! ) . so after my depression and the crappy weather we've been experiencing didn't help , i decided to treat myself to something . so i got myself this lovely jumper at a vintage store :)

you may not know this , but I'm one of those people  who actually don't have a winter wardrobe , so i just layer up my summer clothes in winter and that's about it , however this year I've had a cold 4 times already so that's a sign telling me to get myself a proper winter wardrobe and cover up and keep warm.

jumper- vintage , belt- primark , jumpsuit- Camden market , gloves vintage , bracelet- present , bag - select , necklace- Paris , black scarf - primark

my outfit today was inspired ( actually copied , a total rip off looool ) by  Jacqueline over at Platform Princess i really love her style she's one of my favourite blogger :) Click Here  for the post which i was inspired by :)

14 Nov 2010

you are beautiful , my darlings its a fact

                                                                      image taken from google

going trough other people's blogs , tumblr pages , facebook pages , youtube videos and so on . i always comment on people's pages and say things like " you are so beautiful" and majority of times it makes me wish that i was just as pretty , beautiful and attractive as them . however its a myth !!!! really , all of us are beautiful but we just don't see or believe it . take this example :

 i have my many insecurities , there are days where i find myself feeling unattractive , or days in which i hate my nose and think its too big , or days in which i think I'm too fat , or bones on top of bones , however i still get comments on my blog saying I'm pretty or beautiful and I'm sure some of the people commenting felt the same way in which i feel when i comment on others pages .

too be honest , there is no need to be envious of other's looks or wish you were just as pretty as they are because if we only get past our own insecurities we will come to realise that we really are beautiful

and i think the next time you go on someone else's page , blog , youtube , tumblr  why not leave them a nice comment like " i think you are really pretty " and this time instead of feeling bad about yourself , feel the joy in knowing that you are beautiful in your own rights and the comment you are leaving is going to make the next person feel just as beautiful and good about themselves as you do , and lets share this love around so that every girl can feel just as beautiful as they truly are :)

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