12 Feb 2012

living for the weekend

 Coat - Primark , Top - Select , Shorts - Topshop , Bra top ( worn inside top ) - Topshop , Bag - H&M , Shoes - St . john's Liverpool , Earrings - Miss selfriges

never mind my dirty ass mirror and sink , was too busy partying rather than cleaning

so this whole weekend was so crazy !!! first off I'm so sorry  if anyone expected to see me at TOWIB i got my ticket and everything , but the weather killed it and it was just a drag trying to travel in awful weather conditions and with so many delayed and cancel trains i just didn't want to go through that .

apart from that i went out twice in a row so i am soooo tired today i over did it :( thanks goodness for no uni on Mondays , meaning I'm recuperating today , doing my work tomorrow and all will be good :) 

so i recently got these shorts from topshop and i love them , i was meant to get a similar pair online , however it would have cost me the earth and not to add that on top of it costing me a lot i would have to pay for postage and packaging which equally cost just as much as the shorts themselves :) . these are just a few pictures i took yesterday before i headed out . i love my coat soooo much i got it for a fiver in primark and i think its the best bargain ever !!!!!!!! the only think i was a bit sad about was the fact that the fur collar is not detachable but oh well :) .

i hope everyone has a great week :) 

6 Feb 2012

i hate this weather

Top - D.I.Y , Shorts - American Apparel ( disco pants ) , Shoes - St john's Liverpool , Cardigan - H&M , Bag - H&M , Lipstick - M.A.C ( girl about town ), Lipgloss - M.A.C ( loud and lovely )

i hope everyone has been ok , I've definitely been seeing better days :) . due to the sad , grey , nasty weather here in the UK , i was stuck in doors all weekend long , however i had a nice time staying on top of my work , spending some me time watching movies , making my room into a sanctuary only fit for a goddess ( i got myself even more pillows and scented candles and oils ) .
anyways since i was in doors all weekend i felt the urge to go out and shake a leg here have a drink there , however my friend and i got ready and all , checked outside and went back to our rooms loooooooooooooool so i just took pictures of my outfit , usually i would get annoyed as i hate wasting outfits but this is such a casual wear for me that I'm not even mad . and i made the top :D so proud of my lil hands hahahahahahahaha . 
speaking of weather !!! I'm meant to go home for the weekend , coz I'm going to attend TOWIB however with all this snow talk I'm hearing and seeing all over fb ( I'm sorry but i hate snow , not my thing at all ) I'm not sure I'm going to go home this weekend at all !!!! 

so PLEASE SNOW GO AWAY !!!! COME BACK ANOTHER WEEKEND ( or if i had my way never

PS: is any of you going to TOWIB ? 

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