9 Apr 2012

Easter Sunday

Jacket - charity shop , Top - Topshop , Skirt - Raiders vintage , Bag - H&M , Bracelets - Portugal (Present )

So..... Easter Sunday !!!
 i sleept all day long ( you guys should know by now that Sunday is the most laziest day of the week for me loooool ) woke up , got ready for church and after church the feast began....
 hahahahah i ate so much , i feel like I'm gonna burst !!!! 

also I've been really into neutral make up lately , i kept my face really natural and neutral :) oh and i love my eyebrows , just because i always get it done at a particular place and the last time i got it done i changed the location and the lady messed up my eyebrows and gave me a permanent surprised look on my face :'(  
but i got them done again , the shape is not like before the damage but its close enough and better then what that evil woman did loooool . 

i hope everyone had a great Easter , if not...well tomorrow is another day 
so make it count 

7 Apr 2012

mint pants and jackson five

Bag - H&M , Cardigan - H&M , Jumper - Matalan ,  Top - Topshop , Trousers - vintage

so i went out today , went to camden town to see whats up , but i didn't buy much , just got a few bracelets coz I'm poor and I'm awaiting loan day :D . i also got my eyebrows done looool i was in need of that . anyways i got to wear my vintage mint coloured pants today , i got them just after Christmas in a vintage store and was only waiting for the sun , but i guess i couldn't wait anymore loooool 

and yes if your wondering what the title is about , apart from my mint coloured pants , my dad said my hair reminded him of Jackson five and now he is just taking the piss out of me :/  great !!!
no meat today guys !!!
hope you guys are having a great time 

PS . i will soon make a video to answer questions about my hair so don't worry dolls I'm not ignoring your questions just noting them down for a video :) 


5 Apr 2012

blame it on the weather man

dress - mum gave it to me , glasses - camden market , lips - sleek pout paint mixed with clear lip gloss

so the weather was amazing , and then i came back home to London the sun decided to play a JK and hide away :( the sad thing is i don't have much jumpers and winter clothes at home , most of my warm comfort clothes are in uni , meaning I'm freezing to death !!!! and since I'm known as the "thief" in my house hold ( i have a habit of stealing my mum's , brother and dad's clothes ) no one wants to lend me any warm clothes :/ 

anyways here is one of my fave spring/summer dress ever , its so colourful and mega cute and it has pockets ( for lip gloss , phone and oyster card of course ) and you can either wear it with a belt or on its own , well it looks better with a belt , however I'm planing to have a massive meal loooool perfect to hide that pop belly after a 3 course meal ;)

hope everyone is enjoying the easter break 
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