22 Aug 2012

afro's and leopard prints

Playsuit - topshop , top - tiwi's closet     , Bag - present , necklace - topman , earrings and bracelet - bollywoodbazaar

hey hey there dolls :) just a quick blog post of an outfit i wore a few weeks ago :) loved it so much so i took a few pictures just in case i didn't have time to blog anything else , which came in handy as I'm poor , I'll be homeless by the end of this week and now i have some sort of throat infection . but apart from that I'm alive and kicking :D so happy days . 

hope everyone is having a lovely week 

PS: i made a facebook for my blog , if you guys wanted to add me and have some what of a chat , here it is : www.facebook.com/maphi.kolorkrazedolly

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