26 Jul 2012

a simple grey maxi dress with a twist

Dress - Ebay , head bling - bollywoodbazaar

Hiyaaaaaa dolls :)
hope everyone is having a great week , i had an interesting week ( i was sick and managed to smash my head on the wall and cried for hours about it  ) . anyways last week my ebay order arrived , i ordered this cool maxi dress from eBay after seeing it on my best friend funmi at theelectchic.blogspot.co.uk . i had to get me some of this coolness too looooool . i decided to pair it with this amazing piece of bling i got from bollywood bazaar quite a while back . i mean with this blinging on your forehead i don't think i need earrings or anything else , i feel like queen of the world . since i didn't work today i decided to glam up a tad bit loooooool just felt like getting my pretty girl on :)

hope everyone have a great weekend
payday weekend :D yeesssssss

10 Jul 2012

one of those days , peter pan

Cardigan - Topshop , Bag -  burton  , Shirt - Congo , Shorts - Resurrection , earrings - Select

howdy dollies !!!! hope everyone is having a great start to the week , 
i for sure am having a slow start ( no work till Thursday , so i have no idea what to do with myself ) . so i went to town today , and this is what i wore , i didn't go out shopping but i had a bit of a nose about in the shops and that , and got a few household stuff , nothing cute to be honest . this is what i wore and don't worry i did run home and wore tights after i took these pictures loooool this English weather is just not doing it for me .

i still have this afro hair..........I'm really tired of this and i really need a change , i was thinking to weave it up , like some curly weave , I'm not sure if that would suit me but i just want to try it out :) 

ps : if anyone cares , its my birthday in 5 days and I'm not a happy bunny :( i don't want to be 20 , i want to be a teen forever *sobs sobs*  i have peter pan syndrome !!! I'm sure of it !!!! 


that's defo not the face of a wanna be 20 year old 

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