24 Dec 2011

a new found L.O.V.E

Head scarf , Glasses , Vest top - Camden market , green necklace - charity shop , black necklace - dalston market , red necklace - warehouse

hope everyone is having a great week , eeeeeeeeehhhh i cant believe its nearly Christmas and then the beginning of a new year . woooow time does fly really fast . 
so yesterday i went on a lil trip to Camden town , i always make it a habit to go down Camden when I'm home , it feels so homely !!!!! and i love shopping about then chilling in primrose bakery which is in primrose hill just behiend chalk farm , its so nice , i suggest you guys to make the same trip  :D 

anyways so i saw a few things which I'm gonna jump on like a mad women in the sales LOOOOOOOL and i got some cheap goodies also which I'm wearing in the pictures above .  ahhh I'm so going to go back and get these scarves , its perfect for when your cold and doubles as a head scarf on a bad hair day :D 

i wish everyone an amazing Christmas !!!!!!

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