6 Jun 2012

just a day out

Jumper- resurrection , shirt - Tiwi's closet  , feather necklace - zophra.com , Faux YSL ring - resurrection , purple ring - ebay , bindi - bollywood bazaar

so i spent today doing house shopping and that ( using the last of my money for survival since i still haven't been paid !!!!! ) I'm so annoyed i need my money now !!!!!! and i had to take my friend around town as he didn't want to go shopping alone , and it kinda killed me as I'm poor :/ 

so recently i have had to result to drawing on a bit of scouce eyebrow as my eyebrows look horrible and I'm not going home ( London ) anytime soon to get them done !!! ( i don't trust other people , and i don't want to end up with surprised eyebrows for like 5month like last time ) so the scouse brow it is . also I've taken such a liking on bindie's these days , i got mine from bollywood bazaar on bold street and i got some other stuff which I'm excited to show you guys :) 

hope everyone is having a fab week 

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