24 Dec 2011

a new found L.O.V.E

Head scarf , Glasses , Vest top - Camden market , green necklace - charity shop , black necklace - dalston market , red necklace - warehouse

hope everyone is having a great week , eeeeeeeeehhhh i cant believe its nearly Christmas and then the beginning of a new year . woooow time does fly really fast . 
so yesterday i went on a lil trip to Camden town , i always make it a habit to go down Camden when I'm home , it feels so homely !!!!! and i love shopping about then chilling in primrose bakery which is in primrose hill just behiend chalk farm , its so nice , i suggest you guys to make the same trip  :D 

anyways so i saw a few things which I'm gonna jump on like a mad women in the sales LOOOOOOOL and i got some cheap goodies also which I'm wearing in the pictures above .  ahhh I'm so going to go back and get these scarves , its perfect for when your cold and doubles as a head scarf on a bad hair day :D 

i wish everyone an amazing Christmas !!!!!!


5 Aug 2011

Every drawing that I drew Was never ever as cute as you

cardigan - river island , dress - charity shop , bag - Italy , shades - brick lane , sandals - office , belt - primark , purple ring - eBay , black store ring - Camden town , silver ring - oasis

judging by the title and the pictures............ yes i was dancing to "shimmy shimmy quarter turn  by hellogoobye  ( love that song ) anyways , I'm sure you've noticed by now , yes my hair has changed again yesterday evening i decided to do my own hair and this is the result ( it turned out ok for my time doing my own weave so i deserve a gold star an a cookie loooool  ) . 
i got this black dress from a charity shop for £2 was so happy however the label has been cut off and i wish i knew where it was from . also i got the bag from Italy i love it so much i got it for uni and its big enough for all my stuff

as for my makeup i wore :

maybelline super stay foundation 
sleek rust blusher 
sleek kajal eyeliner 
sleek pout polish in elctro peach
mac girl about town 
mac creamsheen in loud and lovely 

hope everyone is having a lovely weekend 

3 Aug 2011

purple and mustard ( primark OOTD )

Top - primark , skirt - primark , bag - camden town , sandals - office

so as you can tell by the background the kitchen and bathroom is being redone which means the builders come at around 8am in the morning every day ( apart from the weekend ) they start breaking things and singing along to Rhianna . so everyday I'm either in the library , job hunting or window shopping ( bargain hunting ) in town . 
anyways i still haven't went back home to get pistachio back ( my camera ) so i was forced to use the cam on my mac book :(  
i wore this outfit to an interview ( i also wore a blazer but took it off due to heat )  i love the Peter pan collar on the top and the car prints , can you believe i got the top in a size 14 ? that's why no matter the size i always try it on and see if it would work or not :)
hope everyone is having a great week 

25 Jul 2011

not enough slap ya say ?

 Alice band - internacional , wig - eBay , bracelet - present from Portugal , black stone ring - Camden market , green stone ring - topshop

 so if you are not aware or just in case anyone is interested :) i celebrated my 19th birthday on July 15th looooool i don't feel older or wiser . in fact I'm more childish than before but oh well its all in the spirit of fun :D . 
so i went back home ( London ) on the 21 to celebrate with my friends back home and we all dressed up to go to the roller disco ( it was soooo fun , i so want to become a regular loooool ) . and this is the make up and hair look i wore . i know this looks quite simple but ooooooohhh laaawwwwwd it took me forever to get this look just because I'm not all that skilled when it comes to make up and i don't wear this much make up on . i used so many products that i don't even remember what was used :/ loooool quite sad . but oh well i hope you guys like the look 

PS: i know i looks like my hair keeps on going from shaved to weave but ermmm its not weave , its a wig and I'm wearing the wig as I'm not really bothered to do my hair also since i went home ( my mum doesn't know i shaved my hair loooool trying to save her from the pending heart attack

 hope everyone is enjoying themselves i cannot wait till September ( student life part 2 ) yaaaaaay 

19 Jul 2011

juliet's house in verona and OOTD ( picture overload alert )

my friend funmi and i ( as well as the girl who was meant to be our guide for the day ) went to the heart of Verona to do some sight seeing and just spend a great day . also before coming to Italy we had over indulged in movies  such as eat pray and love   and letters to Juliet and i was so excited to see Juliet's house and write a letter to Juliet and hopefully get a reply by the time i get back to the UK ( if you have watched the movie you will know what I'm on about ) . 

so we went around Verona and took a look at the coliseum ans my friend funmi really wanted to see that . we also had a meal at one of the restaurants . however things are so pricey at the heart of Verona since its somewhat of a tourist attraction . and for some reason everyone spoke some level of English , which really got on our nerves as we really wanted to put our Italian to good use ( even though we can only just about say hi , bey and how much )

 after the meal we went on looking around and this time around we took a look at the stores . to be honest i wasn't interested in looking at any of the stores . just because to me this was meant to be a relaxing holiday where I'm taking a break from everything else I'm used to in England , which also included shopping . however we did have a look around some of the stores we do not have in England , such as sephora and kiko , and i manage to get 2 nail polishes and 2 eye shadows from kiko just to have a try , but now I'm sooo gutted as they are amazing and should had gotten more .

 after the stores we finally got to go to Juliet's house . and it was then that all my dreams were crushed.............. looooooooool not all my dreams . but it was nothing like in the movie . it was such a small space with sooo many people packed inside , whilst in the movie it sort of looked massive with just a few women about . there was no one writing letters or even collecting letters ( the whole writing to Juliet's secretaries was apparently none existent ) instead of people picking up my letters there were little shops everywhere and a so called museum inside where you can pay to go up to the balcony and see Juliet's tomb ( we didn't bother with the dumb museum ) so we just took some pictures with the statue and left . also there were graffiti everywhere my bubbles were bursts .

but on a whole it was such a nice day and i was over the moon as at least i got to do something i always wanted to do even if it turned out it wasn't exactly what i expected . and i got to share this experience with one of my closest friends ( actually shes more of a sister than a friend )

funmi wore : top -dorothy perkings , skirt - zara , sunglasses - H&M , earrings and bracelet - unknown , flip flops - Verona

 skirt - zara , top , sunglasses and flip flop - primark , bag - H&M , necklace ( used as headband ) charity shop , rings ( from L to R ) - topshop, H&M , Elliot Paris
 i hope everyone enjoyed this post , sorry it was such a long post with so many pictures loooool just want to get all these holiday posts out of the way :) if anyone is thinking of going to verona and checking out juliet's hous , i would say go for it looool its still worth a look even if it is nothing like the movie . and if in verona.... well you might as well 
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