6 Jan 2013

new year , new post . 2013 leggo

Hat : asos.com/kolorkrazedolly  , Dress : topshop , Shoes : St jonh's Liverpool , Socks : topshop

So....... i know......i know 
ive been such a horrible blogger .
 however , 
in my defence 2012 was.....well , not a horrible year but there were more downs than they were ups . but I'm such a tough cookie and I'm grateful for everything that has happened , the good as well as the bad :)

now that its a new year , i guess I'm going to have a new start and get back to blogging :D 
so cheeeers to that dollies :)

wore this outfit the other day . 
i usually hate fitted stuff but this dress looks amazing dressed down or up . I'm in love 
 i really think i should invest in different colours now ;) 

PS: I've been making these beanie hats and are going to post them on my asos market place store , so if you love them guys , be sure to check me out on asos market place :asos.com/kolorkrazedolly

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