19 Nov 2010

off to uni i go !! ootd and 1 item haul

this post is being written from the library ( at least I'm using my laptop looool ) i have to apologise for the  bad quality pictures , i was in a hurry to get to uni that i just thought ill use photobooth quickly after all its bad quality but when time is concerned i guess it gets the work done fast :)

so this week has been such a crappy week for me , i had a massive issue with submitting an essay electronically and then only realised on the day that i had a test so no revision was done before hand , and I'm sort of glad that this week has come to an end ( i never have any lectures what so ever on Fridays so i start my weekend early looool yaaaay me !!! ) . so after my depression and the crappy weather we've been experiencing didn't help , i decided to treat myself to something . so i got myself this lovely jumper at a vintage store :)

you may not know this , but I'm one of those people  who actually don't have a winter wardrobe , so i just layer up my summer clothes in winter and that's about it , however this year I've had a cold 4 times already so that's a sign telling me to get myself a proper winter wardrobe and cover up and keep warm.

jumper- vintage , belt- primark , jumpsuit- Camden market , gloves vintage , bracelet- present , bag - select , necklace- Paris , black scarf - primark

my outfit today was inspired ( actually copied , a total rip off looool ) by  Jacqueline over at Platform Princess i really love her style she's one of my favourite blogger :) Click Here  for the post which i was inspired by :)


  1. such a cute outfit looks cheeky. x

  2. i'm actually in love with that jumper, i need one in my life!

  3. @ boBbi. J.

    looooool thanks lovey :D xoxo

  4. @ Dee Dee xXx

    its so warm i wore it with my playsuit and didnt need a coat at all :) xoxo

  5. OMGOSH! im so surprised that i havent come across your blog before! i love your posts and have been reading them for at least an hour now haha! :) i would love for you to follow me :) louisa xxx

  6. I'm loving the chunky knit on you, such a cute look!

    Stay gorgeous!

  7. You are too adorable! You look great, your jumper is soo much nicer than mine, lol. I've actually been looking for an aran jumper like yours for yonks! ...And doesn't it feel great wearing your summer clothes in winter? EVERYTHING can be worn with a good old pair of trusty opaque tights!

    Have a great weekend ;-)


  8. AH YOU'RE GORGEOUS. So photogenic, I'm envious!

    And that sweater looks so Christmasy and cosy and it's getting me excited for the HOLIDAYS! :)


  9. u r so beautiful... love the gloves by the way...

  10. love the vintage jumper and your bag..
    nice blog..keep it up

    check out my blog

  11. i love the belted sweater, and the patterened fan in the background is gorgeous! =)


  12. @ Louisa thank you im glad you like it :) xoxo

  13. @ Platform Princess LOOOOOL thanks (blushing) ooh and it does feel great looool but i keep on getting sick so i guess i need some really warm winter clothes :D

    thanks have a great weekend too :) xoxo

  14. @ Lexy @ Quirky Explosion

    i could say the same thing for you loooooool i guess were both envious of each other :D xoxo

  15. @ Hope Adela

    thank you , and its actually my sister's flat and she got the fan on her trip to nigeria :)

    ill let her know someone thinks its lovely looool , i actually think its amazing but most of the time i dont tell her , or else her head will explode loooo xoxo

  16. nice outfit!!

    check out www.leftblock.com if you love vintage!

  17. @ travinia

    thank you , i'll be sure to check it out :) xoxo

  18. actually adore this look

    comfy and trendy....will def be copied *sniggers*


  19. @ **OnYxStA**

    looool you should its very comfy and warm , comes handy in this cold loool xoxo

  20. I really love this sweater especially with the belt. It look PERFECT on you. And it goes well with your skin.

  21. @ Dasey Dukes

    thank you :) *blushing* looool xx


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