19 Jul 2011

juliet's house in verona and OOTD ( picture overload alert )

my friend funmi and i ( as well as the girl who was meant to be our guide for the day ) went to the heart of Verona to do some sight seeing and just spend a great day . also before coming to Italy we had over indulged in movies  such as eat pray and love   and letters to Juliet and i was so excited to see Juliet's house and write a letter to Juliet and hopefully get a reply by the time i get back to the UK ( if you have watched the movie you will know what I'm on about ) . 

so we went around Verona and took a look at the coliseum ans my friend funmi really wanted to see that . we also had a meal at one of the restaurants . however things are so pricey at the heart of Verona since its somewhat of a tourist attraction . and for some reason everyone spoke some level of English , which really got on our nerves as we really wanted to put our Italian to good use ( even though we can only just about say hi , bey and how much )

 after the meal we went on looking around and this time around we took a look at the stores . to be honest i wasn't interested in looking at any of the stores . just because to me this was meant to be a relaxing holiday where I'm taking a break from everything else I'm used to in England , which also included shopping . however we did have a look around some of the stores we do not have in England , such as sephora and kiko , and i manage to get 2 nail polishes and 2 eye shadows from kiko just to have a try , but now I'm sooo gutted as they are amazing and should had gotten more .

 after the stores we finally got to go to Juliet's house . and it was then that all my dreams were crushed.............. looooooooool not all my dreams . but it was nothing like in the movie . it was such a small space with sooo many people packed inside , whilst in the movie it sort of looked massive with just a few women about . there was no one writing letters or even collecting letters ( the whole writing to Juliet's secretaries was apparently none existent ) instead of people picking up my letters there were little shops everywhere and a so called museum inside where you can pay to go up to the balcony and see Juliet's tomb ( we didn't bother with the dumb museum ) so we just took some pictures with the statue and left . also there were graffiti everywhere my bubbles were bursts .

but on a whole it was such a nice day and i was over the moon as at least i got to do something i always wanted to do even if it turned out it wasn't exactly what i expected . and i got to share this experience with one of my closest friends ( actually shes more of a sister than a friend )

funmi wore : top -dorothy perkings , skirt - zara , sunglasses - H&M , earrings and bracelet - unknown , flip flops - Verona

 skirt - zara , top , sunglasses and flip flop - primark , bag - H&M , necklace ( used as headband ) charity shop , rings ( from L to R ) - topshop, H&M , Elliot Paris
 i hope everyone enjoyed this post , sorry it was such a long post with so many pictures loooool just want to get all these holiday posts out of the way :) if anyone is thinking of going to verona and checking out juliet's hous , i would say go for it looool its still worth a look even if it is nothing like the movie . and if in verona.... well you might as well 


  1. it would have been nice to leave the letters! but anyway you girls had fun im sure!

  2. Wow your trip is looking amazing, and the food photos are making me so hungry! ;)

    The Cat Hag

  3. HI!
    ur looks are amazing and the city fantastic.
    Here in Portugal we have that store "kiko" I like the products and the price too.kisses

  4. Oh, I can't wait to travel again! Great pics!!


  5. Great pictures and you girls look fabulous! The food looks yummy too. Thanks for sharing!

  6. red Skirt 'n the top are really Cool

  7. i was there two years ago and I'm going back net week for holidays :D
    Haha I did the same to Juliet's boob, i dont know why, but everybody does it, so i guess it's like an unspoken rule to touch her boob when you visit xD
    Lovely pictures, makes me excited for next week!!
    Love Lois xxx


  8. Italy, I'm completely envious. I like the red skirt, you both look great. the juliet situation is a bummer I thought the whole letter thing was real too and the secretaries. oh well, I'm sure other fabulous italian things can compensate for it.


  9. Oh I loved that movie - Letter to Juliet <3
    I hope some day to visit Verona again and write a letter to juliet haha
    You guys seem to be having such a great time.

  10. great photos! i can't wait to make my way over to that side of the worlld!!hope you can check out my blog form some +vibes and inspiration! i also have a great little giveaways going, with a winner every friday for the month of july :)

  11. Your outfit is hot! I love the colour of that skirt!! I think I need more fuchsia in my wardrobe. So lucky that you're in sunny Verona, major jealous! <3

  12. aw that's the problem with movies and books, always building things up too much! i remember feeling so disappointed when i went to the Louvre and saw the Mona Lisa which was so much smaller than i imagined. but still, at least you had fun shopping and seeing other sights :) -x-

  13. omg i'd love to go to italy!u both look really stylish in your picks.lovely!i am following you cos i really like your style and your blog is very nice.follow back if u want dear.

  14. lovely photos! looks like you've had an amazing time :)

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  15. this pizza looks so yummy and kiko shades are the best!

    thanks for stopping by



  16. Can understand the picture overload! These shots are FAAAABUUULOUS. The one of you girls with statue made me giggle out loud. I love statues for that reason.


  17. amazing outfits - love the cheeky boob picture xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  18. You guys are silly..grabbing the statues boobs lol! I love Italy. I soo want to go back. Its such a beautiful place. I love ur outfit in this post! Its very cute and laid back...perfect for a day on the town! Your hair also looks great!

    -Cherrie <3

  19. LOOOL! Love it
    p.s. I want those rings


  20. Finally found you hotstuff... heres for some blog loving. Outfit is super cyute x


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