6 Jul 2010

an outing in the sun

i had a really nice day out with my friend today (well yesterday since its 2:30 in the morning )
the weather wasn't as hot , but it was warm so i was really happy , as i hate it when it gets extremely hot and you can feel your skin burning and the sweat dripping D: ewwwww its just gross .
anyways the aim of the day out was for me to find a cute playsuit , I've seen some online that i really wanted , but i didn't buy them in time and now they are out of stock or don't have my size . so i saw one which was ok , however , i hate getting clothes online unless i am perfectly sure of the size , material , quality , colour , fit . style etc.....
there's nothing worse then getting something online and when you finally get to put it on , its nothing you expected it to be , and it turns out to be worse ( its happened to me before ) .
so i set out to find something on the high street of similar price as the ones online ( also that means I'm saving money on postage and packaging )

top : store 21
shorts : primark

bracelet 1 (left side ) : H&M
bracelet 2 (right side) : muse

bag : liverpool

sunglasses : H&M
necklace ( 2 different necklace put together ) : france

i mainly went Camden town to find my playsuit as i love love love love it there loooool i really did consider getting one of those t-shirts which says " i love Camden " hahahaha i might go back and get it :)

i did find various ones but i really liked this , it was just so comfortable and cute also easy to wear and its casual , but I'm sure with a few accessories here and there you can dress it up . i got this from Camden market , to be honest it was £25 , however , the beauty of buying from these markets is if you know how to you can get a bargain , and oohh my , i talked the man into selling it for me at the price of £15 :D i was soooo happy looool .

finally whilst browsing the other stores , i fell upon this skirt , really the only reason it caught my eye was firstly the price , it was £5 and my budget for the playsuit was £20 (i always set myself challenges to find what I'm looking for within a budget ) so i had a fiver left to spend on whatever , then the colour , i lovvvvvve yellow , omg , banana yellow my ultimate favourite colour :D bright colours just puts me in such a good mood . and then the shape of the skirt , like i don't remember anymore but I'm sure i saw the shape of this skirt in the first sex and the city movie , if not then it has to be lipstick jungle either way i loved it and when i got closer i realised it was from asos so i took it to the changing rooms .

i don't know about you , but i have a size issue :( which means firstly buying things online is extremely difficult and even buying things in a store is difficult too , the only way for me to really know how something would fit me is try it on .

and as much as i like browsing on the asos website for something cute for me to buy , i never end up buying from there because of the size issue and for some reason i always have to get like 2 size smaller in asos and that really makes me feel idk sad :( and to make matters worse even when i do get 2 size smaller it sometimes seems too big .

but yh the skirt did fit , not what i imagined it would look like but it wasn't bad either , they had a navy version so i might go back to get that :) I'm not too sure yet .


  1. you look pretty in the jumpsuit and the yellow skirt is pretty too.

  2. I love it all! I have that bag too in caramel! :D

  3. @ life around me

    thank you :)
    and i love the skirt its so bright and different xx

    i nearly got the caramel version loool but i thought i'll get black instead since it goes with everything xx


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