3 Jul 2010

wooooohooooo to that party

so it was one of my bestfriends party , and she was had a fancy dress party , it was soooo sooo sooo much fun and i really did enjoy myself :D

i went as a show girl and for my face , i ecided to do this look using artificial flowers and a false eyes lashes , i would defo do a tutorial on my youtube page , however im having troubles with my youtube page at the moment and for some reasons i cant log on to it .

as for my outfit i decided to just wear the two items you've previewsly seen in my hauls and i teamed it with simple blacl sandals :) .


  1. That outfit is so pretty. Love the white skirt! I wish I had more reasons to get dressed up.

  2. @ alee
    thank you very much :)
    if there isnt any opportunities to dress up then create one :) host a dress up night out or party with your girls , its always fun :) xx

  3. Very cute look; I love what you did with your eyes, the orange flowers!

  4. @ shonson8

    thank you :) you can check out my youtube page for a tutorial on that look :) xx


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